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Whether you've dropped your phone, sat on it, or splashed it with water, you can feel confident in our skills and experience to bring it back to life at a budget-friendly price. Our reliability and convenient hours make us your top choice in the area. The content on this website is owned by us and our licensors. Do not copy any content including images without our consent.

Buy, sell, trade, replace, and repair. Cell phone repairs. Cell phone repairs and services. Cell phones. When drying your clothes, you might not think twice about the regular maintenance that your dryer requires. The vents of your dryer […]. Heating problems and temperature regulation issues are two of the most common oven problems. Both of which making cooking your favorite meal a tall order, if not impossible. Since there are a number of components responsible for heating your oven to the perfect temperature, there are also several things that could be to blame when […].

CPR Cell Phone Repair

Every homeowner is forced to face challenging issues with appliances on a regular basis, and the refrigerator can be one of the most difficult to manage. Starting with the problem of defrost which can affect at least one, if not both, of the refrigerator and freezer.

Potential symptoms include warming of the refrigerator even […]. Like anything in life, neglect results in malfunction and failure. If you want your appliances to last as long as possible, remember the following sound words […].

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Within the past few decades, we have become increasingly dependent on our household appliances. It is no longer a matter of luxury, but rather necessity. When something like your washing machine decides to call it quits, it can turn your entire world upside down. Many home appliances require immediate attention in order to prevent further […]. When you buy a new appliance, no matter what it may be, your hope is quite obviously that it should last for several years to come. While it might serve you well for a fair period of time, some maintenance and repairs are often inevitable.

Fortunately, by taking the right preventative measures, you really can […]. Regardless of how much you paid for a particular appliance, there is no way of guaranteeing that it will last forever. In fact, many appliances suffer some kind of fault even while under warranty or guarantee. While some appliances give endless grief, others only experience minor problems. When covered by the warranty, these problems need […]. If you are calling after hours to make a cancellation or rescheduling, please leave a voicemail. Payment must be made within 24 hours of the original appointment.

We provide up-to 1 year warranty on our fixes. To book a warranty check-up, you will need to fill out a warranty request form.

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An ApplianceCPR service representative will contact you shortly after to book an appointment at your convenience. The warranty does not apply in any case of excessive or non-standard usage. The warranty does not cover any clogs of any kind.

Cell Phone Repair

The warranty will not be in effect due to damage that was caused directly or indirectly by the customer. The warranty will not be in effect if any foreign objects enter the pump, motors, or any other mechanical part. We always try to fix your appliance, if possible, by labour only, to save you money. If the technicians states on your invoice that if the same problem comes back, you will need to purchase a new part s.

The warranty will not apply, and you must purchase the new part s , however, everything that was paid, will act as credit towards the part s and installation. Phone: Email: info appliancecpr. Oven Repair Read More. Stove Repair Read More.

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