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The yummy choices include the sesame grilled chicken wrap, Mediterranean veggie wrap, and the tapas snack box, which is GMO-free. In fact, the average meal contains nearly calories! Skip links Skip to content Skip to footer. Share on Facebook. Save on Pinterest. Tweet this. Do you live in the Nicest Place in America? As night falls, hop on a Chinese junk to catch the full beauty of the Hong Kong skyline, or check out the city's numerous rooftop bars.


The charming Peak Tramway runs regularly to the summit from Admiralty. See More See Less. Share page. Departing from Singapore.

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Browse all our latest offers. Hong Kong. Economy Class, Fly from 22 Oct - 30 Jun The other two seats were occupied by a newlywed couple. A flight attendant came up and made a big deal about the malfunctioning screens. I said it was not a problem, but they insisted I get two items from the duty free cart. I picked out chocolate and a bottle of whiskey — my colleagues on the trip were very happy later when I broke out the treats.

This is the reason why I always go out of my way to fly SQ. Before boarding at HKG, HK security will rummage through your bag to find any water bottles and will confiscate it even though it was purchased after security. Though no fault of SQ, I mentioned this to one of the lead male flight attendants and during the flight he came by enough times to make sure I was hydrated.


The service was almost as good as business class on LH as was the food. It is quite long…. He apologized over and over again. Then the head flight attendant came over and apologized. When I got to KUL, I went to baggage just see if my bags made it … and they were the first 2 bags off the flight. I still laugh at that today. Love Singapore airlines. There used to be a nonstop when SQ operated the A but it was a dog of an airplane and it was phased out.

Some day, SQ will do it again, or so they say. Having previously spent 20 years in United hub cities in the US, I am a 2 million miler on United and United Global Services member from the day they created the program. I was hooked on SQ the moment I set foot on the first Singapore Airlines service, even in economy, is so much better than any US carrier.

Vistara Airlines to launch international flights from Delhi and Mumbai to Singapore. Details here

While the physical product is better too, it is the service that really makes the difference. Skip to content. If an infant turns 2 years old by the date of the return flight, parents or guardians are required to confirm the scheduling, seat reservation, and additional fare, and pay for the standard child seat fare for the return flight. Child passengers must be accompanied by an adult aged at least 18 years. Anyone under 18 is not counted as a companion for a child on a flight unless under specific reasons approved by the airline.

Only children between 8 and 12 years old are allowed to travel without a company, but they must provide special clearance, valid reasons, and permit.

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Philippine Airlines requires the Unaccompanied Minor passenger to be picked up according to the prior arrangement between the airline and parents or guardians. If no one picks up the Unaccompanied Minor, the child will be flown back to the origin city, and parents or guardians must pay the fare. Parents or guardians must provide details about the meeting party for the unaccompanied minor and submit the information to Philippine Airlines reservation office. The information includes the place of meeting, time, and description or identity of the pick-up party.

All the documents and lawful letters required of the unaccompanied minor passengers must be submitted to the Philippine Airlines. If a child passenger has health problems or specific conditions that require special care, parents or guardians need to inform the airline during booking. Passengers within 24 weeks of pregnancy with no complications or special conditions that need extra care are allowed onboard after filling in the EMIS Form Part 1 and do not require medical clearance. Passengers within 24 to 32 weeks of pregnancy with no complications or health problems are required to have her personal doctor or physician fill in EMIS Form Part 2.

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Each EMIS form is valid for only seven days after the date of form issuance. All pregnant passengers must always fill in the form before flying with Philippine Airlines. Pregnant passengers younger than 21 years old must bring a letter of consent from the parent, legal guardian, or husband. Disabled Passenger Policy Philippine Airlines provides wheelchair service for elderly and disabled passengers during departure and arrival, complete with an escort.

The escort will still be available even for passengers who bring their own wheelchairs.

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Wheelchair and escort services are only available to transport passengers from the departure area to the plane or from the plane to the arrival area. The service is not available for personal errands, such as shopping at a duty-free shop. Wheelchair service can be requested at every Philippine Airlines ticket counter or reservation office.


The airline will only serve passengers who have made prior wheelchair orders to the airline. All information about the passengers must be accurate and true. Passengers who carry their own wheelchairs must confirm with the airline during booking. The wheelchair must be folded, secured and stored in upright position. Passengers must make sure that the wheelchair is safe from fire hazards.

The battery must be attached securely, and the battery terminal must be insulated. Philippine Airlines categorizes wheelchairs with easily-spilled batteries as dangerous. This type of wheelchair can be carried to the plane under a very specific condition, and with restrictions.

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