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They claim they had nothing to do with the incident, yet were two of the four the airline banned from flying Transavia. While we did not know these guys at all. Do they sometimes think that all Moroccans cause problems? By submitting your email you are agreeing to Fairfax Media's terms and conditions and privacy policy. When passengers pose risks, they immediately intervene. Our people are trained for that. They know very well where the boundaries are.

Transavia is therefore square behind the cabin crew and the pilots. We would like to hear their experience," she said.

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Outraged tourist 'kidnaps' employee over Venice currency exchange rip-off Contains:. Curtis Stone shows off restaurant as cruise giant visits Australia for first time Contains:. For lovers of active holidays in Turkey, , you can do rafting on the Dalaman river, diving, take a boat, enjoy the equestrian walk, or play golf on the famous field of Belek. The best time to travel to Turkey - spring or autumn - from April to June and from September to October.

Hot bathing season in Turkey runs from May to October. Attractions Istanbul Each particle of air in Istanbul, once named Constantinople, Tsargrad, Byzantium, founded in BC - soaked in scent of ancient history, in which the intertwined Christianity and Islam, secular and religious, modern and traditional, as well as, East and West.

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  5. Istanbul, bordering the Marmara and Black Seas, the only city in the world, located just two parts of the world, is just go for a huge suspension bridge over the Bosporus and you are in urban Europe or in colorful Asia. Should note that the rest in Istanbul is a phenomenon, because this city is a major metropolis, there is no convents to relaxation, and the sea is not clear, the remoteness of the city from the beach all of this does not contribute to the development of active tourism.

    But the Istanbul real treasure for lovers of historic tours, educational trips to museums, dating from diverse Turkey. The city has many palaces, churches, mosques, madrasas, fortresses, underground water tanks, towers, baths, columns, obelisks, the ruins of ancient buildings and interesting museums, among which are especially made Kare Museum, the Museum of Antiquities, Museum of Oriental Antiquities, Museum of Turkish and Islamic art, is not only a spiritual content, but also a magnificent appearance.

    Touching to the cultural antiquities, despite widespread active trade, every tourist who visited Istanbul, certainly wants to get to the real bazaar, the oldest and largest market of the world Kapan Charshi with a lot of shops, where a variety of goods for all occasions. Antalya Filled with clear and turquoise Mediterranean Sea - is the site for a variety of water attractions, here you can go on the catamaran and scooters, sunbathing on deck of walking yacht and feel the joy of sliding on the rapid water-skiing, to plunge into the unknown depths of underwater, because diving in Antalya, one of the most interesting in Turkey.

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    Certainly if you will visit Antalya you should visit the grotto Suluini and appreciate the natural beauty - the huge overhanging top and bottom giants grow stalactites and stalagmites. Is known to the whole Turkey and located near Antalya Waterfalls Kursunlu. It is believed that the water falling with a powerful noise from a height, have medicinal properties, but because every tourist visiting here, surely wished to bathe under cold healing "trickle.

    Children do not be bored in Antalya, in which a water park with numerous water slides and pools, of which hear enthusiastic and joyful screams in different languages. At the exit from Antalya to Kemer there is a wonderful water park "Akvalend" - the oldest of the water parks of Antalya, up to people and built on world standards in an area of 40 thousand square meters.

    Youth, with "envy" looking at the new generation opens its doors to the most famous nightclub of Antalya "Olympus", where the eastern and world music rhythms will make forget about everything and dissolve into the world of music and fun.

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    Belek Belek, located between Antalya and Side, is considered a recognized golf center of the region. Located in close proximity to the ruins of ancient cities of Perge, Aspendos and Side, and has a number of first-class hotel complex, surrounded by pine, cedar and eucalyptus forests. The mild subtropical climate, bright sun and an endless ribbon of large golden sand that stretches so far, as far short of views - is it not ideal conditions for enjoying the holidays?

    Sea breeze, mixed with the scent of pine forest, offers you a pleasant feeling of freshness and coolness. For lovers of an active beach holiday in Belek have been established all the conditions for practicing water sports. You should visit the magnificent cypress, eucalyptus national park reserve "Canyon Kepryulyu" area of hectares In the reserve there is an opportunity for practicing mountain climbing, horse riding and all kinds of water fun, but the most popular rafting in the mountainous river Kyupryuchay.

    Side Side "pomegranate" - a small town on the peninsula, 75 km from Antalya, one of the busiest resorts in southern Turkey. Prior to the present day remains of an amphitheater at the 16 thousand spectators, a statue of Emperor Vespasian, Temple Fortune, Fountain, agora, Roman baths which now is an archaeological museum , a necropolis, and Aqueduct.

    His famous sandy beaches are considered among the best in the region. Kemer Kemer located in 42 km south of Antalya. This is intensively growing resort center and one of the most famous yachting centers with all its consequences.

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    In addition to numerous shops, bars and restaurants of the pedestrian zone, the elegant yacht center and a network of modern hotels and clubs located on the slopes to the sea near the forested Taurus Mountains. In the northern part of Kemer is Yoryuk Park - Live ethnographic exhibition on the history and daily life of Turkish people. Near Kemer lie the ruins of the ancient port city of Phaselis Tekirova , where the remains the port walls, an amphitheater, paved roads leading to the arch of Hadrian, the Acropolis and the ruins of aqueducts, baths and the marketplace.

    Fethiye Fethiye Termesos, City of Light is known for its beautiful beaches, secluded bays fragmented coast, lively bazaars, rock graves and luxuriant subtropical vegetation. The beautiful panorama of the bay was called from the ruins of the castle the knights of Rhodes. It is possible to travel by yacht, visiting 12 islands, including Pirate's islands and the island of Cleopatra with the ruins of an ancient sunken city.

    Or go to Chalym 5 km. In the vicinity of Fethiye located many hotels of club system in the cozy solitary bays, known for its beauty. Alanya Alanya, founded in the IV century before Christ. The main attraction of Alanya - Byzantine fortress on top of the mountain towering above the city. The region's beaches are covered with fine sand. Alanya also famous for its caves, the most visited of them - a fantastic cave Damlatash with whimsical plexus of stalactites and stalagmites.

    In "Maiden's Cave" pirates hid kidnapped girls; there is also a "cave of Valentine" and "Phosphoric cave "named so because of the interesting lighting effect. Marmaris Marmaris - one of the best sea resorts in the country.