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Do not put the carafe in the dishwasher. Follow the instructions in this video to descale:. If the brewer is not performing as it should you may need to clean the exit needles, entrance needles and diffuser as shown in this video:. Empty the water reservoir before storing. This machine has a one-year warranty against defects under normal home use in the U. The manufacturer can be reached by phone 7 days a week and any time by email. Refunds and replacements are handled by the seller. Keep in mind that the warranty will be voided if you open up the machine to try to diagnose a problem or fix it yourself.

Not appropriate for office buildings and other commercial environments. Thermal Carafe. K-Cup and K-Carafe Storage. Reviews of the Keurig 2. On the surface it appears that people strongly dislike the new Keurigs, but look a little further and you realize that the bad reviews are from a specific type of user:. They cite better coffee and stronger brew options for those who love their coffee bold , ease of use, and that they appreciate having the option to brew a carafe. Common issues in older model Keurigs — like partial cups and leaking — are often maintenance-related clogged needles, scale buildup.

We assume that will be the case with the 2. Avoid these by filling the reservoir with room temperature water, pre-warm the cup with hot water, and add the cream to the bottom of the cup before brewing into it. Keurig Support assures us that all of their machines have been thoroughly tested and proven to be food-safe. However, California Proposition 65 requires that manufacturers provide a warning if any of over listed harmful chemicals are present in products sold in California. – Keurig K300 Coffee Maker Brewing System for $74.99!

Run a cup of white vinegar through the machine without installing a K-Cup and follow it with several water-only brews to remove any lingering plastic taste and smell. If Auto-On is set for 6 am. The carafe does not keep coffee warm for very long but an insulated carafe can be purchased separately.

Users almost unanimously agree that coffee from a 2.

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Currently, only a limited variety of Vue packs for larger cup sizes and K-Carafe packs are available but we expect that to improve over time. If you prefer to brew with ground coffee, the 2. In that case, we suggest you consider one of the original K-Cup brewers found on this page. I recieved a 2. They sent me a brand new K! I love this machine. Unfortunately my employment situation went down hill. So I am greatful for being able to use a refillable filter.

However because Keurigs customer service is so awesome,I do use at least 1 of their K cups a day.

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I usually drink cups a day. I bought the 2. It has worked fine up until about a month ago. My husband is at the point he wants to pitch it out and go back he says to brewing coffee on the stove!! We are getting coffee grounds In our cups when brewing and the amount of coffee varies every time we brew. I use 10 oz sometimes I will get a full cup, the next maybe a half of a cup.. Today after cleaning with vinegar the first cup out was just a tricke.. I have cleaned it several times with vinegar as per instructions and needles with paper clip. I also use water from my Brita filter water pitcher to put in the coffee water tank, so it is double filtered before use.

If the machine is defective they will help you get a replacement. Good luck! I purchased the and I already had the and find that the coffee is less hotter than my old one. Does anyone else have this problem? The manual says it gets to degrees but my coffee only reads A cool mug will lower the coffee temperature significantly. Coffee brewed into an insulated cup like a styrofoam cup should be about degrees. It sounds like you may need to set up your Auto-On a little differently. In October of I purchased 2 keurig 2.

One for my daughter for her birthday and one for myself. I purchased them both at the same time at Sams Club. I was disappointed that I could only make a 4ounce cup and that my coffee was not very hot however after only 2. I de scaled it cleaned the needles all of this several times and it has never worked right.

Packed up both and went to take them back to SAMS but they said we have to contact Keurig because its past 30 days. They will be able to help you work it out, or offer replacements if the machines are malfunctioning. I have the 2. Keurig will help you figure it out. We just received a 2. However, in order to use a carafe, you MUST purchase the carafe packs of coffee, you cannot run your single packs into the carafe — once the carafe is locked into the machine, it will only recognize the large carafe pack. While we continue to use the 2.

Keurig, in our opinion, has made a very bad decision with its manufacturing and marketing direction — had this been a quality machine, without all the limitations and drawbacks, we would not be looking elsewhere. Thank you for sharing your experience, with us, Donna. People seem to either love their 2. It will be interesting to see what Keurig does from here. The Keurig B60 is still available on Amazon. Received Keurig 2.

Tried all the flavors of coffee that came with the unit, however, all flavors of coffee was very strong and I could not drink the brew, even with adding more sugar and milk. I prefer my own brand of coffee. Chuck, did you try the largest cup size the more water, the weaker the coffee? A light roast will also produce milder coffee. There are now reusable coffee filters for the 2.

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  5. You may need to experiment a bit to find the right amount of coffee and water cup size to produce what you want. I actually love the Keuring 2. Using the K I tried with my old keurig my own coffee with the reusable cups and to put it bluntly, yuck. I love the breakfast coffee. I can understand why Keurig did it that way. If one rather use any k cup, there are machines out there which do that. Great machine. I enjoy a nice cup of coffee.

    I look for aroma, taste, temperature, darkness of the fluid and stimulation of the senses. My son wanted me to have the new technology in coffee brewers and boy were we disappointed.

    An old fashioned stove top coffee percolator can produce a better cup of coffee. This whole coffee extravagant production is way to expensive to taste like tea!!! I did select the strong feature on the keypad. What a tremendous disappointment. I encourage wise consumers to conduct a real taste test for yourself. Save your money because the bells, whistles and turquoise light are all just a distraction, instead close your eyes as you take a sip of this coffee, do you really get the urge to smile?

    10 Tips For Saving Money on Keurig K-Cup Packs (with and without Coupons)

    Probably not. Coffee connoisseurs are likely to be disappointed. Thank you for sharing your experience! My wife got me a K for Christmas; I had to have it replaced because the keypad was unresponsive without a lot of hassle.

    Free Keurig k300 coupons

    I got the replacement from Keurig a couple days ago and it works perfectly. I love it and have had no other problems. It is stainless and cleans easily. Sorry to hear that. This online manual for the 2. Your review of the 2. Besides the encoded k-cups, a work around I could have lived with, I ran into these other issues. Cup sizes- Limited to 10 oz. Now first you have to fix the encoding then you have to jump-start the cup sizes.

    I do not care to use the vue for single cups. We always shopped for the best buy in the k-cups, not realizing that the aftermarket suppliers had invaded the Keurig world.

    Target: *HOT* Keurig 2.0 K300 for $94.99 shipped + $25 Target eGift Card!

    Weak more often than strong. The machine delivers an inconsistent water volume. I want 12 oz. For the first time I am getting coffee grounds in my cup. It takes longer to get a cup of coffee, and if the cup sized is miscalculated you cannot power the machine off as with the old ones. You had better have a spare cup to catch the overflow. Keurig has contacted me but I am so disappointed in the quality and performance of this unit, it is going back to the store. We will use the older unit for it was at least consistent. Keurig B60 is our current unit.

    We had and loved the K70 Platinum series for its 12 oz. Unfortunately, that unit suffered a power surge and died. We are searching for a replacement. For me, the k70 was the perfect unit. To me the only thing that could have helped was a larger reservoir on it. I am very disappointed with the direction Keurig has gone. Remember prices may differ between areas but check your local Target for these money savers. Items may not be available at all stores.

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